How to get in touch

The Marcomms team (L-R) Ross Donnan, Arthur Le and Nicci Dodanwela.

BGS marketing and communications (Marcomms) is responsible for managing the Brighton Grammar brand, playing a coordinating role among the administration and academic offices and is the main resource for all issues relating to the School’s institutional brand.

For all BGS brandmark usage, artwork must be approved by the BGS Marcomms office before proceeding.

Any queries regarding the use of the brand should be directed to:

Marketing and Communications

Nicci Dodanwela
Marketing Manager, Editorial Coordinator and Proofreader
t +61 3 8591 2273
ndodanwela (at)


Ross Donnan
Graphic Designer
t +61 3 8591 2273
rdonnan (at)

Digital (Web, Social Media)

Arthur Le
Digital Marketing & Social Media Coordinator
t +61 3 8591 2273
ale (at)



Frequently asked questions

Q Where can I download the logo files? A

The logo files will not be available for use for staff (including teaching/non teaching staff). This is to ensure consistent and controlled use of the brand. Marcomms has developed a range of templates you can use, if you require a custom template or piece of communication, please contact Marcomms (contact details above).

Q How do I order new business cards or letterhead? A

To ensure consistency, Adams print produces all BGS business cards and letterhead from approved templates. The digital versions of the letterhead can be found at the Word templates page

Q Do I have to stop using items and get rid of anything with the old BGS logo on it? A

We are keen for people to start using as many items as possible that reflect our exciting new branding and where we are as an organisation in 2017, but of course we realise that not everyone can make these changes overnight. Marcomms is here to help with the transition to the new brand. If you have any item that has the old BGS branding and needs replacement, please get in touch with Marcomms and we will assist.

Q How can I be sure my project reflects Brand Standards? A

If in doubt, Marcomms (BGS Marketing and Communications) can review your marketing and promotion materials or presentations to ensure they follow brand standards and to check for consistent image quality.

Q May I change the letterhead design? A

The layout of the letterhead as described in the BGS Brand guide may not be redesigned. If you feel that you have special circumstances that may call for a redesign, please email for consideration of an exemption.

Q I have questions and want to learn more about the BGS brand. How can I get assistance? A

We are happy to help. Contact for questions, to offer feedback on Brand Guidelines or to schedule a meeting.

Q Is there additional budget for the replacement of materials? A

For major department items, such as permanent signage, that need to be replaced, you may need to consider these when planning for financial year or contact us with concerns (

Q Can I still use existing materials if they don’t comply with the brand standards listed here? A

All new communication, marketing or advertising projects must reflect the brand standards. Replenish new supplies with materials that include the new brand identity.

Q I want my project to be unique. Are brand standards optional? A

Brand standards are created to assist you in developing strategic marketing materials that reinforce Brighton Grammar’s image. The visual impact of any and all materials that include the BGS logo or symbol have an influence on how people perceive the School. Consistency builds awareness and trust. Most professional designers are trained to create memorable and effective marketing materials while adhering to guidelines. By consistently using the brand standards found here you will properly align your materials with the BGS identity.