Brand messaging

Our guiding philosophy

To support and challenge each boy to become the best version of himself.

Who is Brighton Grammar?

A school that understands boys.

When boys feel that they belong, they feel safe to speak with integrity, listen empathetically, connect with others respectfully and empowered to be the best version of themselves.

While the fundamentals of education are the same for either gender, boys thrive in a culture that understands, accepts and celebrates the masculine without conforming to stereotypes about what it means to ‘be a man’.

About Brighton Grammar: a short descriptor sentence you can use

Established in 1882, Brighton Grammar is an ELC to Year 12 open entry Anglican school for over 1400 boys.  Brighton Grammar is located 10 kilometres south of the Melbourne CBD in the prestigious bayside suburb of Brighton.

The current Headmaster appointed in 2014 is Ross Featherston, passionate about teaching boys.  Under the visionary leadership of Ross, Brighton Grammar is transforming the way to teach boys.


Meliora Sequamur (Let us pursue better things)

Positioning lines

Brighton Grammar has retired the use of the tagline we teach boys.

Rather than having one tagline, we have several current campaign or positioning lines in use.  Examples include:

  • Transforming the way to teach boys
  • Enabling/inspiring/supporting boys to be the best version of themselves
  • Understanding boys. Creating good men.
  • Nobody knows boys like Brighton Grammar.