Image Administrators Guide

Administrators Guide

The role of an administrator

  • Look over any files that are being uploaded to ensure they meet guidelines
  • Check image tags and tag consistency where appropriate
  • Move folder to correct place from Drop Folder to the correct folder location on the Photos Folder
  • Any photos that could be used for archival quality need to be tagged

Administrator login

Login to the administration panel using your BGS username and password.

The process

  • Staff use the Image Upload Tool to upload photos to system
  • Folder is renamed automatically, photos are tagged and placed in the Drop Folder
  • Administrator checks files for duplicates, tagging
  • Admin moves folder from the Drop Folder into correct folder on the M: Drive
  • Extensis Portfolio watches that folder and catalogues the images

Differences between staff and administrators

Staff Administrators
Access to live BGS image library
Access to Image Upload Tool
Access to M: Drive
Access to Extensis Portfolio software
Authority to move and delete files
Knowledge of how system operates  ✔

Folder structure

Once folders are moved into the M:\Photos folder, the DAM system catalogs the added photos.
It is important that each folder is named correctly and is in the appropriate folder location.

The folder structure of the ‘watched’ folder

For assistance

Please contact the BGS Image Library team at