The below information is a guide on what fonts to use in various circumstances. To view details about the typography of BGS, please visit the typography page under visual style. 

GT Pressura is installed on every BGS staff members computer, please let marcomms know if you have trouble accessing it.

Usage Print environment
(designed by marcomms)
Digital environment
(Staff computers, letterheads)
Web environment
BGS website, mini sites
Headings, sub headings GT Pressura Bold/Regular GT Pressura Bold/Regular GT Pressura Bold
Body copy Arial or Exchange Arial 10 point Roboto

Font specifications

GT Pressura Regular gtpressura_regular
GT Pressura Bold gtpressura_bold
Roboto Light roboto_light
Roboto Bold roboto_bold
Arial Regular arial_regular
Arial Bold arial_bold

Usage tips


  • Use different typefaces together to create emphasis and a visual hierarchy that assists the reader with navigating your text.
  • Use fonts, weights, color and point size to tell a story.
  • Use plenty of surrounding white space.
  • Keep punctuation to a minimum. Visit our writing style section for more tips.

Do not:

  • Use all capitals in blocks of type of three lines or more.
  • Condense or expand typefaces.
  • Add spacing between characters.
  • Overuse emphases. Too much emphasis can have the opposite effect. If everything is emphasised, nothing stands out.
  • Substitute any variation other than those listed above.

Note: Brighton Grammar’s is designed in all capitals. When written in text, the name should appear in uppercase and lowercase letters.