How to upload assets

Guidelines for uploading

  • Images will be uploaded using the BGS image upload tool
  • Staff will use the BGS image library to search and use images
  • Selected staff will be trained as administrators of the system and can assist with staff queries

Best practice tips

  • Do not include duplicates of images. Some cameras take multiple shots of a single frame, it is best to avoid this. Cull photos before uploading to the system (see image below).
  • Only include necessary shots. Do not include more than 30 shots for one album unless necessary. If you are wanting to upload more than 30 please get in contact with the Image Library Team
  • Tag all shots using the Image Upload Tool when uploading
  • Images will be checked and catalogued by administrators. Any duplicates, and lack of tagging will be noted and discussed with the uploader. The administrators will be in contact with any queries.

Do not include similar duplicates of images. Please cull before using the upload tool.

For assistance

Please contact the BGS Image Library team at