BGS’s photographic style mirrors the Schools openness, understanding and sense of inclusion. The palette is bright. The subjects should be candid, emanating a welcoming impression as if the viewer is either a part of or being invited into the scene itself.

The angles, content and cropping should be engaging and interesting. Textures from School buildings and surrounding environments can help create intrigue and incorporate our history into printed and online materials.

Elements from the foreground can be utilised to give a sense of depth or to serve as an enticement, as seen in the example with netting from the soccer goal. When capturing people and our community, cropping and limited eye contact should provide the sense of a candid shot.

Booking photography

The School maintains a dynamic photo library for marketing and communications initiatives and can consult with you on your video projects. If you have a School event that you need photographed, please get in contact with Marcomms on 8591 2270 or email to book a photography sesssion.

Best practice examples of photography

Some examples are below.