BGS Image Library

What is the BGS Image Library?

The BGS image library contains over 130,000 images and media. To assist with the organising, categorising and searching of these photos, BGS has implemented a leading Digital Asset Management System called Extensis Portfolio to assist staff to search and catalog photos.

Some important changes for images at BGS

  • Staff will no longer be able to dump photos on the M: Drive photo folder
  • Staff will instead use the BGS image library to search and use images
  • To upload images staff will use the BGS Image Upload Tool
  • Selected staff will be trained as administrators of the system and can assist with staff queries

To upload assets

  • Use the Image Upload Tool
  • Follow instructions
  • Images will be checked and uploaded to DAM system by administrators (allow 24 hours)

To search and use assets

  • Visit the BGS Image Library
  • Search for assets
  • To use images either download or copy (Ctrl +C) to use in Office applications

Note on search: The search works similar to google. If searching for ‘Ross Featherston’, the system will search for both Ross and Featherston, and will bring up all photos tagged with Ross and Featherston. Instead, to search for an absolute term, use double quotation marks around the search term “Ross Featherston” and only these results will be displayed.


All images are held on BGS premises behind secure firewalls to ensure privacy. The system will only operate when using a BGS staff computer or inside the network.

For assistance

Please contact Alex Syrian at asyrian @