Why do we need a style guide?

The BGS Writing Style Guide ensures our written communications (printed or digital) are consistent and written in clear, concise and effective English. This reassures readers, demonstrating that we are all working from the same page and with the same goal (the best possible education of their sons) in mind.

This guide covers only commonly used textual style; it is not intended to be comprehensive. If you have any queries about style or suggestions for additions to the BGS Writing Style Guide, please contact MarComms.

The BGS Writing Style Guide will be updated regularly online.

If you remember nothing else, remember this! 

  • You must not send any communication to an external group (including parents) without having first sent it to MarComms for proofing. It is your responsibility to follow the BGS Writing Style Guide. If your communication does not follow the guidelines outlined here, you may be required to resubmit prior to proofing.
  • If you need to refer to a dictionary, please use the Macquarie Dictionary (Sixth Edition) where possible.
  • You must use the templates provided for letters (select digital or print letterhead templates). For emails, simply open a new message. Do not change the default style (including font) in the templates.