Style and tone


The writing style used at BGS is a reflection of the School. All communications must demonstrate a refined use of the English language. For example, use:

  • active (rather than passive) voice…
    • passive: Students are taught by teachers with exceptional qualifications.
    • active: Students learn from exceptionally qualified teachers.
  • personal pronouns such as ‘you’ and ‘we’
  • simple sentence framework, with shorter sentences (generally no longer than 22 words)
  • headings, bullet points and other formatting techniques to make it easy to scan a document and find key information.

For example:

Don’t write: We would ask for your support in ensuring that your son wears the correct winter uniform.

Instead write: Please ensure that your son wears the correct winter uniform.



All written communication must be clear, engaging and dynamic. Our writing needs to be prepared with our audience in mind. It should tell them what they want to know, not just what we want to tell them. We write to our audience, not at them. For example, rather than writing ‘we’ll teach you’, we write ‘you’ll learn’.

Our tone is professional, friendly and warm. We are responsible for presenting BGS as a modern school that maintains the highest standards.