7. BGS conventions

Using the School name
Staff and student titles
Building and place names
Website and email addresses


Using the School name

Brighton Grammar School should always be written in title case. However, the following terms can also be used when referring to the School:

  • ‘BGS’ (except in formal communications)
  • ‘the School’ (may be used as a substitute for Brighton Grammar School to avoid repetition)
  • ‘Brighton Grammar’ (may be used for brevity).

Staff and student titles

Here are some examples of staff titles when used within a body of text. Follow the format of the title that is most appropriate: 

  • Ross Featherston, Headmaster
  • Tim Marshall, Director of Sport
  • Ebony Geilings, ELC Teacher
  • Ben White, Head of House (Years 11–12)
  • Victoria Fisher, Year 1 Teacher
  • Wen Yan, Teacher in Charge – Badminton

Signature blocks
When writing your name and title in emails, letters, business cards, etc., use your name (in bold) above your title (not bold), i.e.:

First Name Last Name (Bold)

If you have multiple responsibilities (e.g. Head of English, Head of House, TIC Basketball), list only the most senior title appropriate to the communication. For example:

Peter Tellefson
Deputy Headmaster, Head of Junior School

Katie White
Katie White, Director of Students (Years 7–12)

Victoria Fisher
Year 1 Teacher (Note: not Homeroom Teacher)

A full list of Staff titles and acceptable abbreviations can be referenced here.

Here are some examples of student titles:

  • Captain of Cricket
  • School Captain
  • Dixon House Captain
  • The event will be hosted by the Headmaster, the School Captain and the Prefects.


Always refer to sporting teams as First XV, Second XI, Third VIII (not 1st XV, 2nd XI etc.).

When referring to placing in a competition, use numerals e.g. David Jones came 1st in the U10 category.

‘Captain’ and ‘Coach’ are capitalised when placed before the name and not capitalised when placed afterwards. For example:

  • Rowing Captain Nicholas Stewart was the star of the race.
  • Nicholas Stewart, captain of the rowing team, was delighted.
  • The First XV Coach Sally Green spoke sternly to the team.
  • At half-time, Sally Green, the team’s coach, looked anxious.

Building and place names

Annandale Pavilion
BGS Annandale Gym (for public hire)
the Crowther Centre
G B Robertson Hall (no full points)
Hay Family Lecture Theatre
the Oak Tree
the Quadrangle (or the Quad)
Robert Sanderson Centenary Hall
Rosstrevor end
Rosstrevor Hall
S J Priestly Conference Room (no full points)
St Andrew’s end
Wellbeing Centre
Urwin Centre for Learning

Website and email addresses

For brevity, do not include the www. at the beginning of the address (e.g. brightongrammar.vic.edu.au).

Do not use a full point at the end of a sentence that finishes with a URL or an email address.

Avoid publishing a very long URL. To reduce the length of a long address, go to bit.ly and replace it with something shorter or include a hyperlink.

When publishing a website address or email address, always test it to make sure it is correct.